Design System

Client | Virtusense

Date | Nov. 2022 – Present

project overview

Through nearly a decade of creating software for fall-prevention technology, Virtusense had yet to pull together a design system. 

system needs

Must be compatible and capable for:

  • Mobile, Desktop, & Kiosk (TV monitor) 
  • 4 different products
  • 3 unique brandings
  • Clinician needs & patient needs 


Starting from scratch

In an attempt to build off of what was already present in the products, I tried to implement

Building top down

Building to 

New Figma Capabilities

In the middle of the process, Figma updated 


Building of common page flows

Building out reusable and customizable page flows, like logins, saved hours for myself and other designers.

Equipped non-designers to start designing

In the time period after the first draft of the system was up and running, team members were able to draft out ideas in high fidelity using the pre-built components.

Customized to company needs

By bucking an existing systems, we had full freedom to customize for the needs of the product owners.