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e-learning platform

Client | Jump Simulation

Date | May. 2022 – August 2022

Role | Graphic & Interface Designer

project overview

Jump Simulation is an extension of the OSF Health Care complex, responsible for training and innovation within the facility. Supported by PNC Bank, they run a Bedside Steam initiative to create learning material garnered for children who are staying long-term in the Children’s Hospital of Illinois. 

Our goal over this summer was to create a platform that would house STEAM content that would be accessible for a younger audience, as well as create content to fill this platform.

This broke our project down into three main tasks – create an engaging interface to house preexisting and future content, create all-new content for middle school levels, and design physical print material to engage with students and advertise STEAM off-screen. 

my impact & role

Why Steam Stars?

The Content

Allows children in long-term care to easily access enjoyable, educational content.

The Connection

Opens up dialogue between a child and their provider about procedures and issues by acquainting the child to terminology and information.

The Future

Benefits the health care system by exposing a new generation to the wide array of opportunity available to them in health care.

Who is it for?

Long-term patients of children's hospital

STEAM STARS acts as supplemental education to patients of the children's hospital.

STEAM camps

Within Jump, the site can be used to teach specific concepts to those in their STEAM camp in an easily accesible way.

Local school systems

STEAM STARS can be utilized within a conventional learning environment as a varied medium to deliver information.

Why does it work?

Entertaining & Educational

Having a team of mostly Interactive Media students meant Steam Stars has an educational skeleton fleshed out with games, videos, and more.

Engaging Interface

The interface is full of color, characters, and animation. With the younger audience, we knew an interesting interface was essential to the retention of the students.

Scalable & Flexible

The platform lends itself to being updated and changed frequently, constantly accumulating new content that JUMP puts out and wrapping it in a kid-friendly bow.​

high-level flow

A breakdown of high-level flow for the e-learning platform

activity books & kits

One of my bigger contributions to the team was the design and organization of a 50-page activity booklet. This book was made to educate children about the wide array of different careers in health care, complete with 22 careers, 20 activities, and 5 videos linked by QR code where a child could watch an interview with a medical professional.

I was also responsible for the layout and constructions of 6 different physical activities to be used as touch points for children and introduce them to digital STEAM content. These physical assets are being deployed throughout OSF.


The expectation with this project was to host the interface on a Canva document nested withing a Google Classroom. It was immediately obvious to us that this would not accomplish the interactivity nor accessibility that would be needed.

Students, especially post-pandemic, are increasingly harder to connect with and retain in an educational sense, as their attention span is significantly shortened.

The platform we are using to host the content itself is Rise 360, and is built for on-the-job training – not children’s education. 


After extensive research, we found out that Storyline 360 – a program already included in the Rise 360 subscription – had all of the capabilities that we needed to make our platform engaging, accessible, and functional with little intensive customization.

We went through great effort to split up all of the content with images, gifs, videos, games, quizzes, card matching, and more.

We tried our best to make the information as digestible as possible. However, in the future if funding allows, we have suggested they try to shift to a different platform for a better experience.


In terms of interface and design, my team easily went above and beyond client expectations, delivering a graphic, responsive, animated site when only three months previous being presented with a Canva image stored inside a Google Classroom. 

The activity booklet will begin replacing OSF merchandise at advertisement tables, offering something engaging for children and young adults alike who might be interested in healthcare or getting more involved with Jump.

At the end of the internship, we presented to our sponsors at PNC Bank. With OSF being a nationwide brand, they expressed interest in deploying knowledge of the website all throughout the United States, as well as the physical activity book.

special thanks to my team

scott chernobrov

video editor & compositer

lydia williamson

animator & illustrator

kadin white

game designer

sydnee o’donnell

educator & content writer

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