Date | Jan. 2023 – Present

Role | Illustrator

project overview

Packlash is a fast-paced two player card game created by Craig Hughes. It’s illustrations, composition and marketing material have been designed by me.

In Bradley University’s 2023 FUSE Interactive Media Showcase, it was hailed with the best-in-show award by now-defunct AAA video game developer Volition. 

Packlash made the rounds to GenCon Indiapolis 2023 and Protospiel Chicago 2023, where it was quickly picked up by game publisher Bearded Board Games.

You can support Packlash (and me!) in it’s journey by supporting it’s kickstarter to be launched March.


Types of Cards

Action: Can play UP TO 2 during your turn, then immediately discarded.

Reaction: Can only be played in response to an opponent’s interaction or item, then immediately discarded. You can only play one reaction per turn.

Items: Can play UP TO 1 during your turn and stays on the board unless a card says otherwise. An item effect only matters if it’s in play. If you played an item card on your turn, you may only play one interaction card on your turn.

Negate: If a card is negated, it has no effect and is immediately put into your discard pile.

Destroy: When you destroy an item, put it from play into your discard pile.

Protect: Ignore a card that would move an item from the board to any other place until the end of the turn.


Ways to Win

Eye Deck : Have the All Seeing Eye in play while having 6 cards in hand 

Relic Deck : 3 Relics in play.

Tombstone Deck : Have Tombstone in play while your opponent has no cards in their deck

Gear Deck : Have a Gear in play, in your discard, and in your hand.

Rats Deck : Have the Rat King in play while there are no cards in your deck and no Items in your discard.

Candy Deck :  Have Candy Bowl out while your opponent has Candy in play.

the game

Packlash is a two player game where you pick a random pack, shuffle it, and play.

Each deck has items that give you a unique win condition. actions and reactions are cards that manipulate the game to help you get to your win condition.

You play actions and items on your turn and reactions on your opponent’s turn.

Phase 1: Play

  • You may play UP TO 2 actions or 1 action card and 1 item card.
  • Your opponent can play UP TO 1 reaction card on your turn in response to a card you play (the reaction will go into effect before your card).


Phase 2: Check

  • You win if you have an item card in play and fulfill its win condition. This is checked first.
  • You lose if your opponent has an item and they fulfill their win condition before you fulfill yours. This is checked second.


Phase 3: Draw

  • Draw cards until you have 3 cards in hand.
    • If there are no cards in your deck when you draw, shuffle your discard pile into your deck, then draw the cards you need.