hi, i'm hailey

I'm a product designer with a degree in UI/UX Design, currently based in Bloomington, IL.

my process

product development cycles are fluid & iterative - design should be too.

my recent projects

Fractl Design System
Link to E-learning Platform - Jump Simulation
E-learning Platform
Caterpillar Design Challenge

+ some more


A project about utilizing VR technology to reintegrate those that are incarcerated into an increasingly technological society.

heuristic audit

Bayer Crop Science

Conducted a heuristic review on a new customer site using Neilson’s 10 Usability Heuristics.

Link to Website Redesign - Big Picture Initiative

website redesign

Big Picture Peoria

Reimagining the website of Big Picture Peoria, a community initiative promoting art to underserved communities.

dining app prototype

A prototype guided by time working in dining service about how a dining experience on campus could be improved.


An AR Physical Therapy App prototype designed to guide users through exercises in order to decrease rates of injury and increase efficacy.

+ other stuff i do

graphic design

A small overview of a 6-year background in illustration, traditional art, and digital design, marketing collateral, and music collaborations.

Link to Fuse Production

event art direction

FUSE Interactive Media Event

Leading a team to create marketing material, a website, and physical assets to accompany an annual interactive media exhibition.


Visual development for published award-winning, card game, PACKLASH.